[fusion_text]All lot of people ask me what is digital marketing ? As they know conventional sales, TV / Radio, News Paper advertising, bill board, hording and so many others. Today, we’ll discuss everything about Marketing and what is Digital marketing.

Why we do Marketing?

  • Branding and Promotions: Branding means how people see your product or company. Branding is done through promotional activities to project the right image of product in the eyes of consumer. For example: when you think of quikr.com which image they project in your mind – A second hand goods selling and buying website.
    Promotions are about advertising your products on different mediums, so that your brand get recognized and it gets visibility. You can use tv, radio, print, events or online/internet advertising. Promotions not just gives you branding but also sales leads.


  • Sales and Lead Generation:  The ultimate goal of marketing activities are to generate leads (customer enquiries) and then convert these leads into actual sales.


  • Customer Retention: Another very important purpose of marketing is to retain our old customers and improve customer loyalty. This we normally do by offering quality products to our customers and improve our products and service through customer feedback.

direct or indirect marketing

What is Direct or Indirect Marketing ?

  • Direct Marketing: In direct marketing you approach customers straightly and ask them to purchase your product. This can be done through direct walk-in, cold calling, emails, sms and more. Before digital marketing in place we use to approach customers through salesman and a lot of human resources were required. But, now we can do this with minimum staffs through digital marketing.


  • Indirect Marketing: In this mode we normally advertise about our product through TV, Radio, News Paper, Events or Posters. Normally, people know about your product and approach your shop to purchase the product.


 about digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Broadly digital marketing refers to online marketing through internet. The digital marketing can also be done for all three purposes – Branding, Sales and Customer Retention.

Digital Marketing for Branding

There are multiple tools used online which can help you in building your brand across the globe or at a specific location or in a city.

  • Social Media Marketing: Now days social media like Facebook, twitter, instagram and many others are highly used. There are over 2 billion users on facebook which is one third of the worlds population.
    This makes facebook an attractive platform to promote you product. You can start your advertising almost Free or chose a paid advertising as low as 2 dollars a day. The ads are very flexible – You can choose location, age, gender, interest and more options to target to very particular customers.
  • Video Marketing: Now you don’t need budget of 1 million for video advertising. You can do this simply by advertising on youtube. Again in a particular city or a group of people. The targeting is very flexible. Trust me it’ll build your brand in very small time and with a very small budget.
  • Display Ads: Have you seen banners of products on so many website. May be at the top or right or left. These are called “Display ads”. When you see the same company or products on various websites again n again you develop a good image about the brand or you may buy the the product. And you know how much it’ll cost you to display your ad! May be 0.10 paisa/cents.

Digital Marketing For Sales

  • SEM: Search Engine Marketing using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can rank your website at top position in google search results. This will bring more visitors to your website and boost your sales.
  • Paid Ad: We can bring our website at the top in google search through paid ad also. We call it Google pay per click. You only pay once the visitors visits your website. There is no cost to advertise on google.
  • Email Marketing: We can send promotional email to our visitors or new targeted potential customers. You get great analytic with email market. Like – who opened you email, what link they clicker, how long they stayed on a webpage. You can set birthday discount, anniversary discounts and auto-responders. I can tell you we got 3 times more conversion rate due to email marketing campaigns.
  • Affiliate Marketing: You can build a strong affiliate network. Who can refer clients online to your website for a small commission.
  • Mobile Marketing: Its a fantastic tool to quickly promote your product and approach thousands of customer in a minute. It’s quick and effective.

Digital Marketing for Customer Relationship Management

  • CRM Tools: These tools can be used for lead followup, customer support and sales support. It’s highly effective. It can keep track of your visitors, old customers and future prospectus. Some of the most popular tools are zendesk, salesforce, Zoho CRM. You have to see which fits into your budget.
  • Coupons: Promotional coupons are cool ways to attract and motivate repeat customers. You’ll see how brand loyalty is increasing.
  • Forums and Blogs: These are again very effective tools for customer engagement . People talk about you, refer more clients and you can listen to their voice.
  • Surveys: You can create online surveys and give some reward point to people who write the survey. This may help you in future decision making and product development as per customer need.


I hope you understood what is digital marketing. In today’s environment traditional marketing methods are not enough. All small and multi-million companies are now opting for digital marketing. If, you have any doubt or you want to know why to learn digital marketing. You can leave a comment.